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Developer Information

Developer Information


The svn used for development allows you a anonymous checkout of the virtual Identity source.

mkdir virtualIdentity
cd virtualIdentity
svn co
cd trunk


Just change whatever you like, don't blame me if it stops working and report useful changes :) . After modification please change the version of the extension.

cd trunk
sed '/vident\.version/s/\">/'$REV'\">/g' chrome/content/v_identity/_version.dtd > chrome/content/v_identity/_version.dtd_work
mv chrome/content/v_identity/_version.dtd_work chrome/content/v_identity/_version.dtd
sed '/var version/s/\";/'$REV'\";/g' install.js >install.js_work
mv install.js_work install.js
sed '/em:version/s/<\/em/'$REV'<\/em/g' install.rdf >install.rdf_work
mv install.rdf_work install.rdf
cd ..

build new extension

At the end you can rebuild the extension and install it in Thunderbird/Seamonkey?.

cd trunk/chrome
zip -0 -r v_identity.jar *
zip -d v_identity.jar *.svn*
cd ..
zip ../virtual_identity_hacked0.1.xpi chrome.manifest install.js install.rdf defaults/preferences/preferences.js chrome/v_identity.jar
rm chrome/v_identity.jar
cd ..