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changed to git

Developer Information


use git to retrieve a copy of the repository:

git clone git://


Just change whatever you like, don't blame me if it stops working and report useful changes :) . After modification please change the version of the extension.

cd trunk
sed '/vident\.version/s/\">/'$REV'\">/g' chrome/content/v_identity/_version.dtd > chrome/content/v_identity/_version.dtd_work
mv chrome/content/v_identity/_version.dtd_work chrome/content/v_identity/_version.dtd
sed '/var version/s/\";/'$REV'\";/g' install.js >install.js_work
mv install.js_work install.js
sed '/em:version/s/<\/em/'$REV'<\/em/g' install.rdf >install.rdf_work
mv install.rdf_work install.rdf
cd ..

build new extension

At the end you can rebuild the extension and install it in Thunderbird/Seamonkey?.

cd trunk/chrome
zip -0 -r v_identity.jar *
zip -d v_identity.jar *.svn*
cd ..
zip ../virtual_identity_hacked0.1.xpi chrome.manifest install.js install.rdf defaults/preferences/preferences.js chrome/v_identity.jar
rm chrome/v_identity.jar
cd ..