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3.a Smart Identities

Just think of the situation that you're communicating by email with Alice, and for any reason you decided to use a special email-address for her, say "bob_for_alice@…". This Identity is not stored as a real Identity, but you like to use this Identity every time you write an email to her, so Thunderbird has some way to know which Identity you used before. The Feature to find out which Identity might be the right one for writing an email to somebody is named a Smart Identity.

There are two major ways in being as smart as Smart Identity implies.

For example, if you answer an email you received from Alice, Virtual Identity might retrieve the required Information about the Identity you used for Alice by looking in the headers of your email. This feature is called Smart Reply or Smart Draft. Some other way is to store the Information about any Identity you use while sending the email somewhere locally. If you are going to compose another email to the same receiver, the extension can find the related Virtual Identity.

  1. Smart Reply
  2. Storage

appendix: Tech Schema Smart Identity

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