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3.a.ii Storage Configuration

Since version 0.4.4 of Virtual Identity there is the option to store used Virtual Identities. From version 0.5 on used (Virtual and non-virtual) Identities are stored in a separate file.

appendix: Storage Information Reference?, Tech Schema Storage

Storing of Virtual Identities

In the configuration of the Virtual Identity Storage, you can decide if you want the used Identities to be stored everytime you send an email to somebody. If you activate the option to show a related switch, you can enable or disable the storing for every composed Mail directly in the Message-Compose Dialog.

While sending your email and storing the currently used Identity there might be already another Identity stored for this recipient - you can decide if you like to have a warning before any stored Identity gets overwritten.

Sometimes you send emails to multiple recipients with different stored Identities. You might not like to get disturbed by the resulting multiple dialogs before sending an email querying you if you like to replace the stored Identity. With the option to 'never overwrite (and ask) if the email has multiple recipients' you can suppress any nagging dialogs. If the current and the stored Identity differ, nothing is changed, else the current one is stored for the recipient.

reading of Virtual Identities

If you enter any email-address in the recipients field, the Storage is searched for this recipient. If a to-be used Identity is stored, the current Identity will be replaced with the stored one.

Think of adding another recipient to your mail. For this one a different Identity might be stored. You can configure, if the extension should ask you before replacing a Virtual Identity with any different stored Identity (common Identities always get replaced without asking you).

On the other hand, you might find it more useful to only retrieve once an Identity from the storage. For any additional recipient you might not be interested to replace the used Identity at all - the option to ignore the storage in this case is the right for you. And, the found identity will be added to the dropdown-menu for later usage.


this option is not placed nicely and will be shifted in a next release

In a reply-case there are multiple ways to retrieve a useful Identity. You might search the Headers with Smart Reply and search the storage for any additional Identity.

In the configuration dialog you can decide if you like to use the Storage together with the Smart Reply Header feature, which is strongly recommended. Beside, you can select if you prefer stored Identities over the ones retrieved trough a header analysis or if you like to ignore the header completely if there where any stored Identities for the recipients of this email found.

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