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Identity Input

There are two possible sources of Identities, which can become the one you like to use. One source are the Smart-Identities retrieved from any relate Source Email, another source are the stored Identities you used before for your recipients. You can configure here, how both result-lists are combined.

It can be assumed that, if you have some identity stored for any recipient, you would like to use this identity again. Therefore any stored identities are preferred against the ones you retrieved by analysing the mail header. If you don't like this (probably if you answer to the same recipients with different addresses) activate the 'prefer Smart Identities' switch [off by default].

Beside not preferring Smart Identities you can decide to ignore them completely if any stored identities are found [on by default]. This way you can keep the resulting list of identities small and prevent using a Smart Identity because of some match with any permanently stored identity in any later step.

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