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Compose Dialog


Here you can configure several options to make your life with virtual identity easier by changing the message compose dialog.

You can decide to show a menu to select, which SMTP will be used while sending your mail [off by default]. Think of the difference between the default SMTP and the SMTP, which is currently the default one - the first one might be changed for instance by the SmtpSelect extension.

If you like, you can decide to store a copy of your sent mail (FCC) while composing - the selector is [off by default] and holds the value you configured in your virtual identity Sending options. The selector will only be shown if activated and a virtual identity is used.

If you often change the parts of your identities, which you are going to store, you will enjoy the feature to colorize those parts. Just activate the switch ([on by default]) and you will see if the identity, the base identity or/and the SMTP will be stored.[1]

Finally you can show a switch for the parts of the identities, which possibly can be stored. These switches are [off by default], but maybe you prefer toggling those settings with your keyboard while composing any mail.

[1] just click the virtual Identity icon in the lower right of your compose dialog to easily change the storage settings

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