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Source Mail

Smart Features

One way to find the Identity you like to use is to check the existing mail, based on which you are composing your new one. Obviously this will not work if you are creating a complete new mail, but there is a chance to find out which identity you used before if you are replying on another mail or editing a draft.

The way to get the required information is to check the headers of your "Source Mail" - all related features are called "Smart" features [1].

Smart Draft

If you like to edit Drafts and Templates or stored mails as new mails - and they contain virtual Identities, than activate this feature. Sometimes this feature causes troubles, a usual sign is that any recipients identity is used as your identity. Deactivate (and write a ticket) if you have those problems. [default on]

Smart Reply

If you like to answer with the same identity than the one you retrieved the mail (by reply or forward), than activate Smart Reply [default on]. It should work with all the default settings, but a perfect setup is highly dependent on your mail-server configuration. Check and understand all the other options here and you will have fun with Smart Reply.

Smart Reply has to know if your mail was retrieved (you are the recipient) or it was composed by you. Because you can store both types of mails in the same folders and do an reply on both of them, the story get's difficult. Replying on any sended mail is more like editing a draft - and should be handled like this.

If all your received mails contain some received-headers, detection of mail-type will be based on that [default on]. If your received mails do not contain any received headers, deactivate this switch - detection of mail-type will than be done by the folder the mail is located in. Alternatively you can disable "Smart Draft", but this will take you any chance to save your mails with the right identity.

You might like to use Smart Reply if you are going to answer news-posts. This is possible, but will be cause a lot of trouble if not configured the right way. Please activate this feature only if you are knowing what you are doing - it is [off by default].

[1] The other way is to store the used Identity while sending and reuse it - check Storage for that feature.

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