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Source Mail

Filter / Sort

You might choose to reduce the number of of possible email addresses by filtering them to addresses that only match specific criteria. Filtering applies each filter to each possible Sender Identity. For example, if you own the domain, you might wish to filter the list down to Identities that have '' in it.[1]

The simplest way to do this is to add a string to the filter list as ''. This will ensure that only Identities that have '' are used. But, it will also include identities from domains such as ''. This can be prevented by using regular expressions for filters.

Virtual Identity can handle complex regular expressions when filtering. To use regular expressions enclose a properly formatted regular expression in slashes ('/') and make it a filter. The filter '/$/' will match all and, only those email addresses, which are from the domain

If you are using a regular expression, you might even define if the filter should exclude the matching results. Just add an '-' sign in front of the expression, like '-/$/' and all addresses matching this filter will be removed from the possible headers list. Just add all remaining addresses in a next filter step and you are done.

You can use multiple filters, one per line, to reorder the resulting list of Identities. Potential Sender Identities matching the first filter will be higher in the list than those matching the second, and so on. This change in ordering might affect the final choice of your Senders Identity (see 'Selection' Tab). Be aware, that adding an empty line at any place (even at the end) in your filter list will add all Identities.

[1] activate the debug-output to understand what's going on

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