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... some months ago I switched from Kmail to Thunderbird - and I really liked it. But i missed the possibility to change my senders identity on the fly, so I wrote this extension... If you are using Virtual Identity on Windows, please see the Bug-Reports section.
Have a look in the Usage section to understand how it works. (there is now a so called SmartReply-Feature) - and check out the new Options dialog.


Download Virtual Identity Extension (v.0.3.4)external link
Download Preview of next Release (v.0.4.0pre2)external link
for older versions look in attachments

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Created by: rene last modification: Monday 02 of April, 2007 [23:28:51 UTC] by rene

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icon v_identity_0.3.4.xpi Sat 12 of Nov, 2005 [21:53 UTC] by admin 24.54 Kb
icon v_identity_0.3.3.xpi Wed 09 of Nov, 2005 [07:58 UTC] by admin 22.98 Kb
icon v_identity_0.3.2.xpi Tue 13 of Sep, 2005 [19:11 UTC] by admin 21.45 Kb
icon v_identity_0.3.1.xpi Sun 28 of Aug, 2005 [16:06 UTC] by admin 21.39 Kb
icon v_identity_0.3.0.xpi Tue 14 of Jun, 2005 [23:39 UTC] by admin 20.64 Kb
icon v_identity_0.2.4b.xpi Thu 21 of Apr, 2005 [20:59 UTC] by admin 20.23 Kb
icon v_identity_0.2.4.xpi Tue 05 of Apr, 2005 [20:16 UTC] by admin 19.49 Kb
icon v_identity_0.2.3.xpi Wed 23 of Mar, 2005 [12:23 UTC] by admin 16.38 Kb
icon v_identity_0.2.2.xpi Wed 09 of Mar, 2005 [21:48 UTC] by admin 17.52 Kb
icon v_identity_0.2.1.xpi Wed 09 of Mar, 2005 [21:48 UTC] by admin 17.00 Kb
icon v_identity_0.2.xpi Wed 09 of Mar, 2005 [21:48 UTC] by admin 16.02 Kb
icon v_identity_0.1.1b.xpi Wed 09 of Mar, 2005 [21:47 UTC] by admin 14.19 Kb
icon v_identity_0.1.1.xpi Wed 09 of Mar, 2005 [21:47 UTC] by admin 14.20 Kb
icon v_identity_0.1.xpi Wed 09 of Mar, 2005 [21:47 UTC] by admin 11.24 Kb

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X-Original-To header support
on: Fri 07 of Oct, 2005 [10:18 UTC] score: 0.60 Vote: 1 2 3 4 5

Can you make this extension look at the X-Original-To: header of an email you are replying to and use this for the Virtual Address (and to use as the address to compare against permanent account/identity addresses)??

On mailing lists etc. The To: header is often not really who you want to be replying as but the X-Original-To: usually is... Basically, add some logic that grabs the X-Original-To: header if it exists, otherwise grab the To: header as you currently do?

This would make the extension rock 100%!! I'd be happy to help code if you will accept a patch??

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